Publications on PID

Predominantly Antibody deficiencies

Clinical, Immunological, and Molecular Findings in Four Cases of B Cell Expansion With NF-κB and T Cell Anergy Disease for the First Time From India.
Gupta M, Aluri J, Desai M, Lokeshwar M, Taur P, Lenardo M, Bergerson J, Dalvi A, Mhatre S, Kulkarni M, Kambli P, Madkaikar M.
Front Immunol. 2018 Jun 14;9:1049. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01049. eCollection 2018.

Maccari, M., H. Abolhassani, A. Aghamohammadi, O. Aleinikova, C. Bangs, S. Baris, H. Baxendale, M. Buckland, S. Burns, C. Cancrini, A. Cant, P. Cathébras, M. Cavazzana, A. Chandra, F. Conti, D. Edgar, A. Fischer, R. Garcia Prat, L. Hammarström, M. Heeg, S. Jolles, G. Kindle, D. Kumararatne, B. Grimbacher, H. Longhurst, N. Mahlaoui, T. Milota, F. Moreira, D. Moshous, A. Mukhina, O. Neth, B. Neven, A. Nieters, P. Olbrich, C. Picard, S. Prader, J. Reichenbach, S. Rusch, S. Savic, A. Scarselli, R. Scheible, A. Sediva, S. Sharapova, A. Shcherbina, M. Slatter, P. Soler-Palacin, A. Stanislas, F. Suarez, W. Rae, A. Uhlmann, J. Van Montfrans, K. Warnatz, A.P. Williams, P. Wood, S. Kracker, A. Condliffe, and S. Ehl, Disease evolution and response to rapamycin in Activated PI3Kd Syndrome: the ESID-APDS registry. Frontiers Immunol, 9, 543, 2018.

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