Publications on PID

CID with associated or syndromic features

Rapid Transition of Facial Features from Early to Mid - Adolescence in Autosomal Dominant Hyper IgE Syndrome with a STAT3 Variation.
Geeta MG, A. Riyaz, C. Krishnan, Scaria V.
Indian J Pediatr (2018) 85:595-596.

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King, J., S. Borte, N. Brodsky, U. von Döbeln, C.I.E. Smith, and L. Hammarström, Kappa-deleting recombination excision circle levels remain low or absent throughout life in patients with X-linked agammaglobulinemia. Ped Allergy Immunol, 29, 453, 2018.

Gardulf, A., R. Gustafson, L.E. Eriksson, H. Abolhassani, and L. Hammarström, Predictive markers for humoral influenza vaccine response in patients with common variable immunodeficiency. In press: J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2018.

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